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Uncommon Place

Uncommon Place is rooted in Scotland's mountains and open spaces, its fenced enclosures and mined ground and explores how we experience being in place, the relationship of the walker with the shifting nature of the place through which she walks. It develops from earlier books what Tom Leonard called ...

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The Body in Space

The poems in The Body in Space are concerned with the living presence of place, in particular the landscapes of Scotland and what is written over them by history. The poems bring together people and places – family relationships enacted through webs of intimacy or distance, the dead remembered in in ...

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Window for a Small Blue Child

Window for a Small Blue Child tells the story of the creation of a child by in vitro fertilisation. In a sequence of poems framed by the seasons, by the human life-cycle and by the medical techniques of fertility treatment, Gerrie Fellows explores a drama in which science and nature interact. Bodies ...

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The Powerlines

The Powerlines chronicles the author's ancestors' emigration from Scotland to New Zealand - two small, geographically distant countries, united in this lyrical poetry and prose collection which offers both a personal and poetic encounter with history and place. ...

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The Duntroon Toponymy

A sequence of poems linking two calendars: the one posted out every year to the countries of the Scottish diaspora, the other a showcase for glossy shots of New Zealand. The place names of each calendar are the same but their meanings and the layers of history they have overwritten are different. ...

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Technologies and Other Poems

These poems capture and examine moments in journeys and landscape, in work and leisure; the voice of immediate response juxtaposed to philosophical and political investigations into how such moments come into being. ...

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